A nourished body feels so full of life.

Welcome!  I’m Sarah Pruett Soufl (pronounced "so full"), a non-diet Registered Dietitian Nutritionist that empowers you through insight and information to appreciate your body, move more, improve lab values and understand food and nutrition as one important aspect of a full life.  

Let's give nutrition the attention it deserves!  Not too much, not too little.

By working as partners, we will make little changes that lead to a vibrant life.

I specialize in holistic nutrition aimed at reducing disease risk and promoting wellness for people of all shapes and sizes.  Areas of expertise include:

·        pediatric and family nutrition (picky eaters, children on either the high or low end of the weight spectrum)

·         weight and body issues for women, men and teens; eating disorder nutrition therapy

·         sports performance for active children, teens and adults

·         transitioning to and/or maintaining a vegan or vegetarian diet

·         heart disease, dyslipidemia and/or high cholesterol; metabolic syndrome

Services provided include private nutrition counseling in your home, counseling via video chat, or appointments in person at the office in south Redondo Beach.

I am an open and affirming practitioner who does not discriminate on the basis of any physical characteristics including larger bodies (fatness), sexual and/or gender identity, ethnicity, race or personal beliefs.  All are welcome.