As of January 2016, I am officially a Spinning instructor, certified by Mad Dogg Athletics.  That means I can lead indoor cycling classes!

Spinning is a great tool for increasing cardiovascular fitness quickly.  Exercises that (like indoor cycling) raise heart rate tone the endothelium (the lining of blood vessels) and can increase HDL cholesterol levels.  Developing and keeping a regular exercise routine also helps people build a supportive community around them and maintain a positive body relationship long-term.    

For me, spinning is the perfect way to let off steam and de-stress.  Training indoors helps me focus in class and at work.  And it also helps me pedal faster uphill on the weekends, which makes road biking much more fun.  

I tend to follow my pleasure where it leads (why not?), and since Spinning is a pleasure, I'm pleased to be an instructor.

You can catch me teaching a 6-week cycling + nutrition combination class called "NutriCycle" every Friday from February 5 - March 10 at the Center for Health and Fitness (www.beachcitiesgym.org).