5 Key Values I Uphold as a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Counselor

Honesty:  Perhaps the most important value I hold is this: I share information that is accurate and honest, within the bounds of the Code of Ethics that Registered Dietitians must follow.  When you work with me, you are assured that my advice is supported by the research literature and that the techniques, principles, and modalities I utilize, including Motivational Interviewing, Health at Every Size, and Intuitive Eating, are, too. 

Clarity:  I help people cut through the noise, misleading headlines and self-help sensationalism that clutters our newsfeeds and inboxes (and perhaps even our gyms and yoga studios).  Let’s focus on what’s important to your health and dietary pattern, and together look at the overall evidence that emerges through well-designed studies over time.  My background as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist has equipped me with the ability to provide context and clarity to clients regarding all the exciting new research in nutrition.

Support: I am here for you, to listen and hold space for the new elements of your life that will emerge in our time together.  My listening is key to helping you make meaningful long-term change.  From listening I can reflect your complex concerns, notice patterns, and, with your permission, offer information or ideas that you might find useful in your transformation.  Let’s connect about what’s important to you. 

Co-creation/Partnership/Teamwork: My process is different from other nutritionists.  Are you yearning for someone to bounce ideas around, or hear your concerns without judgement and dismissal?  My desire is to partner with patients in their new life creation.  I believe that my vision for your health and my ideas of how to get there are small compared to the vision and ideas that you hold inside.  Working with me doesn’t mean that I lay out a meal and snack plan and tell you exactly what to do—it means that we do the work together to figure out what you really need.  If it turns out you need a meal plan or snack ideas, let’s get down to business and create one together!  If not (and I’m guessing that another meal plan is not what you need), let’s focus elsewhere.  Whatever your intention, I can help you clarify a target (or goal) to meet your vision, then provide you with what you need (nutrition information, ideas, resources, referrals) to help you aim at that target as precisely as possible.

Weight-neutral: The research shows that metabolic health parameters matter more than cosmetic indicators like weight when it comes to morbidity (disease risk) and mortality (death).  We will track progress based on certain health parameters that are significant to you, perhaps including daily blood sugar levels, HbA1c, blood pressure, daily and weekly energy levels, reduction in gastrointestinal symptoms, changes in body confidence, noticing body cues like fullness or hunger, etc.  (Children up to age 18 will be weighed “blindly” so that we can track changes over time and monitor growth.)